Guided Relaxation Audio CD

Easy Meditation CD


Peggy's Guided Relaxation CD is a must-have companion to Peggy’s Easy Yoga for Diabetes DVD. This audio program provides several techniques for profound stress relief, better choices in eating for health, and greater awareness of the body/mind connection for promoting health. <more>



Easy Breathing and Easy Meditation Audio CDs

Easy Meditation CDPeggy's Easy Breathing Audio CD presents easy to learn exerises. Once learned, you can do them on your own whenever you want, or continue to be guided by Peggy's soothing voice each time you wish to practice. <More>


Easy Meditation CD


Listen to Peggy's Easy Meditation Audio CD and experience the wealth of your inner self without traveling father than your own home. Meditate with Peggy and you will find out how easy and rewarding meditation can be. <More>


Guided Relaxation Audio CDs

Total Relaxation CD ArtGet natural relief from strain and pain. Relax your body, refresh your spirit, rest your mind. Peggy Cappy gently guides you from tension to tranquility with the power of her soothing voice.

In just 20 minutes, relax deeply, find well deserved peace and quiet, and boost your health and healing. Say Yes! to feeling great again.


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Learn More About Peggy Cappy's Guided Relaxation CDs

Stress Relief CD Front

Stress Relief -Listening to Peggy's soothing voice, you will experience a deep and restorative relaxation that improves the way you feel.

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Backcare CD Front

Back Care -Peggy guides you through a powerful and deep relaxation of the back muscles for relief from tension and pain, then helps you to focus and direct your mind to keep your back muscles aligned and strong. A truly healing combination.

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Sleep Ease CD Front

Sleep Ease for Insomnia -Peggy's soothing and gentle voice will help you to fall asleep quickly and easily and help you sleep more soundly.

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Allergy Relief CD Front

Allergy Relief -Whatever your allergy problem—sneezing, runny nose, swollen, itchy eyes, eczema or the general overall foggy feeling—this CD can help.

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Before Surgery CD Front

Before Surgery -Listen to this special program in the days or weeks leading up to your procedure to reduce your worries and to prepare your mind and body for enhanced healing.

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Total Relaxation CD Front

Total Relaxation -In this CD Peggy leads you through three different approaches to relaxation. Try all three.

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