Yoga for the Rest of Us DVD

Yoga For The Rest Of Us Video CoverThe Peggy Cappy Yoga for the Rest of Us DVD will ease you into the world of yoga, whatever your age and ability. This program is designed for seniors and persons with physical limitations. These gentle yoga routines are done with the use of a chair for extra comfort and safety.

Use this DVD in the morning or at night and discover how easily yoga can be incorporated into your daily routine. Peggy designed the DVD in three fifteen to twenty-minute segments so that you can fit yoga into your busy lifestyle. You can choose to do one segment a day or all three sections. You can do the DVD on your own or with a friend. You will quickly see the benefits for your body and spirit.

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Peggy Class"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy "Yoga for the Rest of Us" and what a difference it has made in my life. What a treat it was to find a routine that is dedicated to those of us who are older, and not as flexible as we used to be. I find that doing the routine every morning has made such a difference in the way I feel about myself and my abilities." — Anna



Yoga for the Rest Of Us Video Introduction

The DVD is in three parts plus a bonus section:

Part 1 is done from a seated position in a chair and contains a wonderful series of warm-ups for the joints. This section is beneficial for anyone.

Part 2 works on leg strength and balance. Because balance is not good for many seniors, some students do our standing work holding onto a chair in front of them for support. Other student's balance has improved to the point where they do not need to hold onto the chair, but they still have the chair positioned within easy reach just in case they need support. Generally a student's balance will improve with practice (as many of my seniors will attest). In fact many of my seniors have gotten so good at certain balance poses that they can hold them for up to a minute without touching the chair. They did not start out this way!

Part 3 consists of standing sun salutations done with or without a chair depending on the students preference. We conclude with a progressive relaxation that can be done from a seated position or lying down.

Bonus Section - The bonus section is Meet Peggy Cappy. This section contains the documentary used on TV. The documentary includes interviews of some of my students (all over 70 years old) and footage of a class session.

Yoga for the Rest of Us DVD Contents

Part 1: Warm Up Stretches
Part 2: Standing Poses
Part 3: Sun Salutations & Relaxation
Bonus Track - About Peggy Cappy and Yoga

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