Back Care Basics - Yoga for the Rest of Us DVD

This series of adapted poses are beneficial to back care. Strong, healthy back muscles provide support for your spine and result in more energy and vitality in everything you do.

Back Care Basics VideoAt last, Yoga poses to protect your back and improve your posture. These simple but powerful exercises stretch and strengthen your back muscles, alleviate back pain caused by muscular tension, and with regular practice, keep back pain from returning!”— Peggy Cappy


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Ease your back and improve your posture

Peggy designed the Back Care Basics program in six easy-to use segments plus a bonus. In four of the segments, Peggy guides you through stretches and yoga poses performed while on your back, side, belly or hands and knees. There is also a section to teach you a powerful breathing technique called the Full Yogic Breath. The program ends with Peggy’s guided relaxation, which will lead you to a place of peace and quiet within. Create your daily program, based on the time you have and the stretches you need. You will soon experience the difference that Back Care Basics makes in how you look and how you feel.

Peggy Discusses Back Care

Back Care DVD Fan Comment

“Peggy's video for back care has been brilliant. I started using it 5 years ago because I was having trouble balancing on the subway going to work. I thought I was just getting old (I was 60). I saw Peggy's presentation on PBS and started using her 'Back Care Basics'. At first I could not hold some poses at all. But finally I got stronger and the problem went away. After practicing yoga for a few years, I have good balance and I am much stronger. I can push my way through the subway crowd, no problem. Thanks to Peggy”

The special bonus segment of Back Care Basics details two restorative poses. These are positions where through the aid of a chair, pillows, or the wall, you simply relax and let gravity work for you to bring comfort to your body and peace to your mind.

Back Care Basics Introduction

Back Care Basics - Yoga for the Rest of Us DVD Contents

Part 1: Restorative Poses
Part 2: On The Back - Leg And Back Stretches 24:49
Part 3: On The Side - Half Bow Pose/On Hands and Knees - Leg And Back Stretches
Part 4: On The Belly - Locust & Cobra Pose Variations
Part 5: Hamstring Stretches (Back Of Thigh)
Part 6: Three Part Breath Exercise
Part 7: Guided Relaxation
Bonus Track - About Peggy Cappy and Yoga

Peggy Cappy Three DVD SetEssentials for Every Body Three DVD Set

Essentials for Every Body is a three DVD set that contains Back Care Basics, Yoga for the Rest of Us, and MORE Yoga for the Rest of Us. Purchasing the three DVD set is a significant savings over purchasing the three DVDs separately.


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