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Peggy Cappy's Back Care Relaxation CD will help you find relief from back pain through her guided relaxation. Simply by listening to Peggy's calm and comforting voice, you will feel a peaceful and restful relaxation to free you of the tension that causes muscular back pain.

Backcare CD ArtNearly 80% of us suffer from back pain at some time in our lives. If you experience back pain, you know how debilitating and exhausting it can be. Whether your pain is mild or intense, occasional or chronic, Peggy Cappy's Back Care Deep Relaxation can help.

One of the major causes of back pain is misalignment of the back muscles which leads to tension and finally, to pain. Peggy has designed this special relaxation to take care of your back pain in two ways for lasting-relief.  

First, she guides you through a powerful and deep relaxation of the back muscles for relief from tension and pain. Then, in what makes this relaxation technique so effective, Peggy helps you to focus and direct your mind to keep the back muscles aligned and strong. It is a truly healing combination, a fully relaxed back and a mind that is working to keep you pain free.

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