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Peggy Cappy's Deep Relaxation for Allergy Relief help you find relief from allergies through her guided relaxation. Whatever your allergy problem—sneezing, runny nose, swollen, itchy eyes, eczema or the general overall foggy feeling—this CD can help. Listen to it as the allergy season approaches, or, for chronic allergies, start now and use it daily. Help is here.

Allergy CD ArtIf you are one of the 40 million people in the United States who suffers from allergies, this relaxation program can be an important and even life changing addition to your daily regimen.

More and more doctors are learning that a major, controllable aspect of allergies is stress. Stress increases the body's production of histamine which triggers the allergic response. Reducing stress thru relaxation increases the body's ability to block histamine production.

Peggy Cappy's Deep Relaxation for Allergy Relief is your key to learning how to relax. Peggy’s calm and soothing voice will lead you through a relaxation session that will allow your mind to re-interpret the allergens that surround you so that your body will not react in its typical manner and produce those unwanted allergy symptoms.

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