Sleep Ease For Insomnia Relaxation Audio CD

Peggy Cappy's Sleep Ease For Insomnia CD will help you sleep through her guided relaxation.

Sleep Ease CD ArtDo you put your tired, weary body to bed and find that you can't fall asleep, can't let go of the accumulated stress of the day? Once asleep, do you wake up a few hours later only to find your worries playing over and over so that you can't get back to sleep? Insomnia is robbing millions of us of our restorative and much needed sleep. Sleep is vital to our well-being. We need sleep to stay healthy, productive, and emotionally balanced.

Peggy Cappy's Deep Relaxation for Sleep Ease CD is designed specifically for Insomnia. This CD will put you to sleep and help you get a restorative, relaxing night's sleep. Peggy’s soothing and gentle voice will guide you through a relaxation that will help you to fall asleep quickly and easily. If you often awaken a few hours after falling asleep, Peggy will help you sleep more soundly. If by chance you do awaken, you can get back to sleep by simply replaying the CD.

Treat yourself to a truly good night's sleep. Deep Relaxation: Sleep Ease for Insomnia works in two ways: relaxing your body so you are ready to sleep soundly, and relaxing your mind so that you let go of the day’s worries and concerns, and sleep peacefully.

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